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“Quality and excellence throughout the years” is a slogan that best describes Rugs ‘N’ More. Since inception, our team has focused on delivering a wide range of quality rugs and excellent customer service.

The rugs and furniture pieces sold online and on our flagship store have all passed quality standards. They are free from harmful chemicals and substances and are generally safe to use. We also use sturdy raw materials, guaranteed to last for decades or even longer. Wool, cotton, fibre, silk, polyester, olefin and viscose are some of the materials used to create quality and long-lasting rugs. These materials have likewise undergone rigorous quality assessments and are not harmful in any way.

In addition to offering you genuine, quality rugs online, we also value each and every customer. We value your service. And because we understand how important it is to find a rug that matches your aesthetic or functional needs, we, the Rugs ‘N’ More team, will always do our best to serve you with utmost sincerity.

Offering you the best rugs in Australia means we care for our customers, who deserve nothing but the best.

Premier supplier of cheap rugs Australia

Many rug buyers are under the impression that quality essentially means expensive. But the truth is that buying quality rugs online need not cost you a fortune. In fact, you can buy rugs in bulk and still be able to save a lot of money. Provided you approached the right rug supplier.

Here’s a fact check: cheap rugs in Australia do exist. Our flagship store and our online store both offer high quality rugs that are not heavy on your pocket. That’s right – our rug selections are perfect for any type of budget.

Whether you’re a budget conscious rug buyer or someone with a more luxurious taste, we have rugs in every shape, size or price to accommodate your preferences!

Please also take note that rug prices may vary depending on size or length. You have the option to customise your rug as you see fit. Our rugs online store will allow you to specify your preferred size, colour or design. Or you can shoot us an email, give us a ring or talk to our customer service staff for enquiries.

Lest you spend more than you should, remember that there are cheap rugs Australia. The right supplier will always exceed your expectaions and anticipate your needs.

Wide assortment of rugs online

One thing we are extremely proud of here at Rugs ‘N’ More is our extensive collection of rugs online and offline. It is safe to claim that we are one of the biggest suppliers of rugs in Australia. But being a large-scale supplier is just the tip of the iceberg. We are also proud of the fact that we sell trendy rugs online and on our flagship store. Our collections are not just budget-friendly and vast but they are full of unique and impressive rug designs. Like art coming to life, leaving you in awe.

Whatever your taste is in art or design, we are sure to have a rug that will match your living room, bedroom or office space. Below is an overview of the rugs we have in our collection:

Traditional rugs

These rugs are perfect for individuals with a classic taste. They usually have more common or standard designs – designs that can be used in any setting or arrangement. Traditional rugs make use of neutral tones or colours. They also have limited colour combinations and tend to utilise one colour at a time. Nevertheless, they are quite versatile and functional.

Modern rugs

Modern rug designs are a compromise between traditional rugs and avant-garde rugs. They come in all patterns and colours and are quite experimental. Those who love matching furniture and rug pieces with their home’s architecture would find our Modern Rugs collection worth exploring. Browse through an assortment of explosive colours, hypnotizing patterns and creative ideas.

Hallway Runners

Do not leave your hallway looking bare and unsafe. We offer hallway runners online for customers who wish to have a visually pleasing and comfortable hallway. While most of our hallway runners sport their own design, you can also choose a design from another collection and customise it as a hallway runner. Make sure to measure your hallway in advance so we can adjust the length accordingly.

Round Rugs

Much like our Hallway Runners collection, our Round Rugs collection can be customised to suit your specific needs. But you can definitely choose from our pre-existing designs. Our round rugs come in a variety of colours – red, beige, blue, grey and white. Round rugs are perfect for any time of space. Those in our collection are both functional and unique designs so you can use them anywhere, as you see fit.